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Posted on 10-June-2002

Calendar Sales

The 2002 Concorde calendar is being sold at RM30 each, in aid of University Hospital thalassaemia patients' fund. Proceeds from the sale will enable the Thalassaemia Society of University Hospital (THASUH) to purchase Desferoxamine, an expensive drug needed to counteract iron toxicity and delay organ dyfunction caused by the iron accumulation.

Posted on 25-Oct-2001

Letter From Boston U.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Melissa Askin"
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 10:02 PM
Subject: Thalassemia study


I am the Clinical Research Coordinator working with Dr. Susan Perrine at Boston University in Boston, MA, USA. We are currently enrolling patients with beta thalassemia in a research study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, of arginine butyrate and erythropoietin to increase fetal and total hemoglobin. I would like to know if you can add a link to your web site so that patients and physicians could get more information about this project. We do enroll patients from other countries and this study is open to patient age 3 and older.

Our web site is as follows:

Thalassemia Study at Boston University

Melissa Askin, RN
Clinical Research Coordinator
80 E. Concord St.
Boston, MA
(617) 638-5602
Fax: (617) 638-4176
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Subang Jaya based Rose Florist will be raising funds for the Thalassaemia Society of Universiti Hospital ( THASUH ) by donating 10% from the sale of its flowers from 1 May till 14 May 2001. Members of the public can help to donate to this cause by supporting the charity flower sale during this two week period.

The florist is also supplying fresh flowers to SMK Sri Hartamas, SMK Subang Jaya SS14/6, SMK Subang Utama and Monash University's Malaysian campus where part of the proceeds from the sale of the flowers will be donated to THASUH. Fresh flowers will also be supplied to the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association and Sri Jayanti Temple of Kuala Lumpur for sale in this charity drive.

Past Announcement

Concorde Hotel Shah Alam will be holding a charity drive for Thasuh this X'mas 2000 to CNY 2001 by holding X'mas carolling, adopt a tree and wishing well.

Goals and Objectives

The Thalassaemia Association of University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur (THASUH) was officially registered with The Registrar of Society on 9th March, 2000.

THASUH is committed to achieve the following goals and objectives;

Moral Support
Provide moral support to all persons with thalassaemia and their families to overcome their emotional and psychological problems. Acceptance and understanding of the disorder is the first step towards improving their wellbeing.

Seek the best management care for all persons with thalassaemia. Families and Medical personnel must ensure treatment is complied with, difficult and uncomfortable as it may be to use the pump and desferal.

Diseminate the latest medical information on thalassaemia to members and their families. Promote public awareness of the disorder through educational programmes on the availability of diagnosis and genetic counselling.

Public Effort
Encourage the public to support activities organised to improve th quality of life for persons with thalassaemia e.g. blood donation campaigns, donation of infusion pumps and desferal etc.

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