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5-April-2000: Thalassaemia Society of University Hospital (THASUH)
The association at University Hospital has just been approved by the Registrar of Societies and the name is now changed from Thalassaemia Action Group of University Hospital to Thalassaemia Society of University Hospital (THASUH).

24-Dec-1999: Buy A Millenium Calendar For A Worthy Cause
The Concorde's Millennium Calendar is being sold at RM30 at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. All proceeds from the sale of this calendar willl go towards the University Hospital Thalassaemia Action Group to purchase Desferrioxamine, an expensive drug which is needed to help the body get rid of the excess iron deposited following monthly blood transfusion.

25-Dec-1999: An Encouraging First Person Story
Here's an encouraging e-mail from a visitor reproduced below.


My name is George Lampitsi and I am a Thalassaemia patient in Australia. I came across your page and found it quite interesting.

I must say that treatment in Australia seems to be much better than the treatment administered there. All patients in Australia are given monthly blood transfusions and all patients are on nightly 10 hrs infusions of Desferal using 5 to 6 vials as required. The drug is supplied by the government at a very reasonable cost.

Due to this treatment most patients are living a near normal life, working, getting married and raising families. I got married at the age of 27and had a child at the age of 30. He is now 12 and I am 42. I work full time and I am currently bringing up my son on my own as my wife and I divorced about 8 years ago.

I hope that things improve there so that the young thalassaemia patients are given a chance to live normal lives.

Kindest regards
George Lampitsi.

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